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Roxana Moișanu is the founder president and member of the Romanian Harpists Association, co-organizer of the Bucharest Harp Festival, correspondent of the World Harp Congress Review for Romania and Moldavia, solo harpist at the National Bucharest Opera,
member of Duo Cell’Arpa, UCMR-ADA, and CREDIDAM.

This website is under construction, but you can check Roxana Moișanu's professional activity on social media profiles linked below.

"I publish sheet music for Concert harp, Celtic harp, piano, cello & harp arrangements, as well as other combinations with the harp.

I love composing music in general, but especially for the harp. My strong desire is to bring peace, emotion, joy, calm, and relaxation in your hearts and mind. I hope I can inspire you in the most positive way possible.

On my youtube channel, you will find music videos of my compositions, arrangements, and sometimes I upload parts from my solo harp or cello and harp recitals. If you are interested in my sheet music (original music and arrangements), please check my Sheet Music Library on Gumroad for free previews of the scores I publish.

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If you just want to listen harp music for relaxation, stress relief, positive energy and more, feel free to check my Harp Relaxing Music playlist.

Moonlight is my newest harp composition added to Magic Harp Music Collections! You can purchase the harp sheet music HERE


Download for FREE the harp sheet music of Clear your mind in E flat major HERE

Please check the entire sheet music library for more free harp sheet music


Enjoy life, enjoy music, enjoy yourself! 🎶